About Us

Hi-Tech Finishing has over 25 years of experience in metal finishing parts for a broad range of industries. Having recently invested in a new EP Coating plant Hi-Tech has added yet another key component to our vast array of finishing offerings. Our current portfolio also consists of Powder Coating, Polishing (Linishing, Flatbed), Pre-treatment, Shot blasting and Plated finishes.

We can polish virtually any metal (brass‚ aluminium‚ copper‚ stainless steel‚ steel and other alloys) including small job shop parts that are not plated‚ anodized or powder coated. We can‚ however‚ polish the materials after the plating has been stripped.

Hi-Tech Finishing upholds the highest quality standards and always strives to meet or exceed customer expectations. Our production area provides our employees with access to a number of machines to handle virtually any polishing or buffing requirement.

Our Staff

All Hi-Tech Finishing employees undergo rigorous training and are highly skilled and experienced in polishing finishes on all materials. This has enabled Hi-Tech Finishing to provide a high level of service and establish a respected place within the industry. The company makes use of the most up to date equipment and techniques to ensure the highest quality of product and standard of service maintained.

We believe in

  • Providing excellent customer service.
  • Creating profitable growth through a strong results approach.
  • Treating all people with respect.
  • Maintaining a strong people orientation and showing
  • care for every employee.
  • The synergy of teamwork.

Our Mission Statement

Hi-Tech Finishing is a precision metal finishing service provider committed to completely satisfying our customer’s requirements for quality‚ performance‚ delivery and cost.