Product Development

Product Development


Each design project has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. At Hi-Tech Finishing we believe we should share the risk of product development by offering clients a simple and transparent fee structure with a fixed–price outcome right from the start.

Choose the formula that best matches your proposed product and we will budget a set amount for its development. Tell us up front what you want and we will ensure you get it without hidden costs.

Our fixed price product packs will suit most needs‚ and any additional modules for extra parts‚ prototype requirements and so on can be ordered as required. We are also happy to offer a bespoke project service where appropriate.

Product Design

We can significantly reduce the cost of your existing products through redesign and component/assembly resourcing whilst increasing their appeal.

Product Specification Development

Once the Response–to–Brief has been agreed between Hi-Tech Finishing and the client we then develop a detailed product specification including exactly what it will do and how. This may include items such as how it will be powered (if applicable)‚ what it will look like‚ what the performance characteristics are‚ how big it will be‚ what volumes it will be built in etc… It is essential to establish all the anticipated characteristics of the product before a detailed plan can be generated.

Project Plan Development

With the agreed Product Specification we generate a detailed plan of how we are going to develop the product. This plan expands upon the Response–to–Brief in that it details the exact anticipated project duration and costs. It includes a schedule‚ usually a Gantt Chart‚ indicating all the achievement milestones and a date for the delivery of the ultimate milestone. It will clearly define the costs involved and tie these costs directly to the items on the project chart to enable efficient cashflow management. It will clearly define the resources used including the client’s internal resources if applicable and the potential risks. We assign a Project Manager who will be the main point of contact for the client.


Initial Conceptualisation

We discuss the idea with the client‚ effectively establishing a project brief. This will include areas such as how the product might operate and how it would fit into the marketplace. It is important for us to gather as much information as possible at this stage so we can provide an accurate response.

The Idea

In many circumstances the basic idea is provided by the client‚ but it is not uncommon for the client to commission us to generate new product ideas for a particular market or differentiate an existing product of theirs.

Evaluation of the Brief

Using the developed brief we evaluate in greater detail the planned marketplace‚ establishing what characteristics the product must have to sell and what approvals are required. We also examine the technical elements of the product’s development and how we may overcome any potential technical issues.

Response to Brief

We generate a formal response to the brief which comprises a more precise vision of the basic form‚ fit and function of the product idea. It will also provide rough estimates of timescales and consultancy fees.